Saturday, 4 June 2022


Midsummer. The village must choose a new Daughter to sail with the fishing boats and bless the waters, keeping them safe from the roaming orcas for another year. Fan hopes with all her heart to be the one they choose. But her older sister Maggie says she must never, never, go with the boats. Because something happened to Maggie out there. And no one will admit it. 

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

"My first visit to the Sewell Barn Theatre tonight was excellent. Thank you to the whole cast for a really well-paced, thoughtful, emotional and powerful performance. It was a delight to be in a new theatre, watching excellent performances in a play I had never seen. Thank you. I look forward to more. All the best, for your upcoming performances." Marston

"I saw an excellent performance last night of this sensitive, at times very dark, play by Matt Grinder, directed by Sabrina Poole. It has it all - a stellar cast, superb set design, hauntingly beautiful original score, intelligent and intuitive direction. Well done and congratulations for this truly admirable team effort." Karen

"This was stunning and beautifully done. As a professional who specialises in with this subject matter, it was sensitively and accurately portrayed and was respectful to all of those who have gone through similar events. Well done to the cast, crew and Sabrina for putting on such an emotive show." Michelle

"...haunting, chilling, classic story with some great performances and imaginative set and sound once again." Shelagh

"It was brilliant from start to finish. One of the best plays I have seen." Kayte

"Saw a lovely production of Orca at the Sewell Barn last night ... well perhaps not lovely... riveting. Uncomfortable narrative but splendidly acted and intelligently directed by Sabrina Poole. Audibility was a bit of a problem for me but  I am a deaf old git as everyone at the theatre is aware. Well done everyone." David

"Quality play with some ingenious staging. A little disturbing, but that's the way I like my drama..." Marie

"Deeply unsettling. Brilliant casting. Superb performances." Doug

"Absolutely loved it. Should be on a bigger stage. Actors were phenomenal." Gabrielle

"Sabrina Poole’s direction and Myles Crowder’s clever inverting set keep things simple but captivating, with 90 minutes of increasingly uncomfortable foreboding." James Goffin at Cultivated - click here for full review

"Just seen another brilliant Sabrina Poole production with her trademark ingenious set designs and innovation.  The cast and crew did so well with this emotionally charged piece of theatre, especially Sarah Jenkins who lead the narrative with true emotion.  Another highlight was the music, most of which were original compositions ... get yourselves along to see 'Orca' at Sewell Barn." Laura

"I went to see the above tonight and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance. It was powerful stuff, well written and brilliantly performed. Wonderful set and fabulous cast." Ayshea

"Brilliant - emotional. Very well done. Don't miss this one." Vicky

"Congratulations to Sabrina Poole and all her team at the Sewell Barn Theatre for another enthralling evening’s theatre! Orca isn’t an easy play for subject but the direction and the performances are masterly, particularly from Sarah Jenkins, with a heartbreaking range of emotions, and Emma Smith as the two sisters. Wonderful chance to think through the difficult issues raised. Which are? Well you’ll just have to come and see it, won’t you!" Selwyn Tillett [Secretary, Sewell Barn Management Committee]

"I thought the play was absolutely brilliant, so well acted and the set was amazing too.. Please pass on my congratulations to Sabrina and all the cast and crew." Ruth

"Sewell Barn Theatre theatre this evening for Sabrina Poole’s production of Orca. Beautifully directed and performed. A disturbing tale beautifully told. Well done all." Robin

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