Wednesday 5 July 2023

The Welkin (July 2023)

Our production of Lucy Kirkwood's powerful play in October 2022 was sadly derailed by an outbreak of COVID. We are so pleased to be able to present the play again with the full original cast, and clearly our audiences feel the same.

Photography: Sean Owen

"I never feel particularly eloquent when reviewing a piece of theatre. Usually get stuck after the ‘was gud innit’. I’ve seen some outstanding productions at The Barn over the last decade, and The Welkin was up there with the best. Had I seen this in the West End, it could not have been better. The pace was fast, the acting outstanding, the set added to the production but what was so so so very good is how the actors took the words from the page and produced such believable, such different characters. The script must have been excellent, but f*ck, it takes talent to take it from the page and deliver it like that. There, hope that wasn’t too gushing, but it was so thoroughly enjoyable!" James

"The play text, venue, and production work as a flawless triad, each supporting each other to communicate this in-depth presentation to the audience. The play text is a combination of deep monologues, heartbreaking revelations and comedic dialogue, the venue is intimate and filled with a versatile set and strong lighting, and the production (directed by Sabrina Poole and John Holden) is sleek, moving and impactful. The cast of matrons that make up the jury are impeccable, led by an incredibly strong Jo Parker Sessions as a seemingly level headed, maternal Elizabeth Luke, and her co-lead in the production, Emma Smith as Sally Poppy is devastatingly angsty, tortured and deeply troubled. The relationships throughout the show are entangled beautifully both within the text and direction, and present incredible range." Charlie Bench, UK Theatre Network [for full article click here]

"I really enjoyed the production, fantastic achievement. The acting was outstanding, loved the atmospheric set, sound and lighting was perfect." Nemonee

"Saw this play last night, so powerful, beautifully acted by all.. don't miss it. Massive congratulations to all involved." Ruth

"Excellent performance . If you haven't been I recommend this is a play not to be missed." Patricia

"Congratulations to Sabrina Poole and her cast and crew for their interpretation of the incredible script 'The Welkin' by Lucy Kirkwood... It's an intense and emotive play but I just wanted to give an extra clap to Alison Utting, Katie Smith and Jan Farrar for their excellent comedy skills. If you haven't got your tickets yet, go get them!" Laura

"Congratulations to all the cast and crew of The Welkin for creating a brilliant and absorbing piece of theatre! Having missed the two performances back in October before it was cruelly cut short by covid, it's been wonderful to see this show come at last into its full power. Fantastic performances by a great ensemble of women (with one or two men in support...) and a gripping storyline - what more could you want from a night out in Norwich? Get your tickets now!" Clare Williamson - Joint Artistic Director, Sewell Barn Theatre

"Sewell Barn Theatre may be a small company but their ambition is sky high. If you have any doubt about this, then get along to their charming venue on Constitution Hill for the current production of The Welkin... Sewell Barn Theatre have a right to feel very proud of their achievement in bringing this large, complex and demanding work so effectively into their atmospheric venue. Every cast member is given space to develop their own character." Julian Swainson for Norwich Eye [click here for full review - original production, October 2022]

"An absolutely brilliant and very powerful performance, I had goosebumps watching some scenes and tears at the end….congratulations to the very talented cast/ crew and of course Lucy Kirkwood!" Sheila

"Absolutely brilliant performances by all. Mind was blown." Tony

"Congratulations to you all! Powerful production. Wonderful!" Robin