Saturday 25 November 2017

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Dario Fo's manic political farce has long been considered a classic of twentieth-century theatre, and for good reason. As Director Karl Harland says: “Are you worried that the world has descended into corruption, incompetence, and bad language? If so then the Sewell Barn’s next show, Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, will reassure you that you’re not wrong and it’s nothing new.

It’s 1969 or thereabouts and after gaining access to a Milan police station, the scene of the death of a suspect in a previous terrorist incident, our hero the Maniac sets to work digging up the truth that was buried by a nest of corrupt coppers. Add journalist Maria Feletti to the mix and it can only end one way. Or can it?"

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

The positive reviews started arriving as soon as the first night was over, and we're very proud of the magnificent cast and crew who have brought their energy and skills to this show.

"Very impressed with the actors and performance. Icing on the cake was a set prop: a portrait of Mussolini with Donald Trump hair ... great to see such an amazing performance and the Italian songs were just awesome! Congratulations!!" Kiran G

"This show is a blast and I honestly thought I was going to explode with laughter. A madcap frantic evening which will entertain and delight! My face is still aching from all the laughs, and the cast were clearly loving every moment! Bravo!" Barnaby M

"Directors Karl Hartland and Clare Williamson preside over a successful farce, powered throughout by a hyperactively brilliant, rapidly paced central performance from Hattie Scopes as the Maniac, whose machine-gun delivery of Fo’s punishing lines comes with shattering speed and clarity..." Charlotte Valori [click here to read the full review]

"There’s nothing accidental about the laughs; this is a rude and spunky production of a modern classic." James Goffin, Eastern Daily Press [click here to read the full review]

"Well done Accidental Death of an Anarchist! Though I am utterly bias, I think Jessica Hutchings singing at the end was the most beautiful moment of the whole thing! Was a great show, you should all be very proud!" Megan R

"Really enjoyed it. Fantastic show." Frank S

"[I] was very impressed with the cast and direction. It was my first visit but you can be assured it won't be my last.{also an added mention to the voluntary staff who made my wife and I very welcome as did the wonderful cast afterwards.}" Eddie K

"Saw Accidental Death of an Anarchist yesterday eve. Loved the high energy & little touches like putting up a picture of Mussolini to show that the police rooms were different, even though the same set!" Jack S

"Well done to all involved in Accidental Death of an Anarchist... Fast paced and so funny... had a really great evening." Ruth H

"'Anarchist' was fantastic last night – I sometimes think I have (peaceful) anarchist tendencies!" Roy T

This characteristically inventive posting from Mark Mobbs deserves quoting in full:

The pace, energy and volume!
(Yes at times it is a bit shouty)
Of this production is breathtaking!
Characters don't form slowly,
They are there, and grab your
Attention instantly.
Real reactions to a crazy situation,
We are drawn into this Python-esk world,
The main mad 'man' is amazing and
has perfect Support from, an unwilling,
Crazy gang. Many funny and hysterical
Moments, the audience convulsed,
In agonised laughter.
The cast seemed to relish this punishing,
Rush of words, from profanity to songs,
All gathering to a big final..............!
No spoilers, watch and enjoy this
Energising, provocative production.

And our audience have congratulated the cast through the medium of the blackboard in the foyer: