Saturday 14 May 2016

The Burial at Thebes: reviews

The first night is over, and we're thrilled to have received several overwhelmingly positive responses already this morning. The show plays tonight (14 May) and tomorrow, and then resumes Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21. Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?

"I saw The Burial at Thebes tonight. It was a great production of a great play with a visceral translation by Seamus Heaney. Really good work by David Nicholas Green, his cast and creative team!"

"I want to pass on my praise for the burial at Thebes last night. The audience was scandalously small for such fine performances. Beautiful set and language. Very moving in places. Thanks to you all. I truly hope you get better audiences."

"Many congratulations on a stirring piece of theatre."

"This was one of the most amazing productions I have seen for a long time. It's so rare to get the opportunity to see a script such as this (Greek Tragedy) and then for it to be brought to life in such a capable way by David Green I couldn't have asked for more. The set design and "technique" with the sand (I won't give away spoilers, because you just HAVE to see it) was something I had never seen before. David had gathered together a very capable and strong cast who tackled long passages of script with ease and competently took us on a journey. A big well done to everyone involved, get and see this whilst you can."

"Just back from seeing this tonight ... We thought it was superb from the set, acting and directing. Well done all involved. 'It's a must see'."

And a very lovely review here:

"Ok folks, here's a tip for you : 

If you find yourself in need of a dark, thought-provoking, intense, tragic, dramatic, well-acted, imaginatively staged piece of theatre either tonight or tomorrow, I'd suggest you treat yourself and get yourself off to the Sewell Barn. Their current production of 'Burial at Thebes' has only two more days to run and is a quite captivating and entertaining , one-act play. (So it's quite short...)

Huge congratulations all round to the cast, crew and especially whoever designed the stage-set (apologies for the lack of names to drop here - I forgot to grab a programme!) which makes quite the most innovative use of the Barn's space I've seen since their production of 'Bedlam' a couple of years ago. 

Bravo! Outstanding!"