Saturday 19 October 2019

The Tempest

Magic, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness provide the timeless themes of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Clare Williamson has chosen for her production a barren, post-industrial landscape for The Tempest’s island setting – inspired by the rusting military structures of Orford Ness and nuclear test sites in the Pacific – rather than the more usual setting of the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Barnacled buoys and other flotsam combine with a re-appropriated mobile phone mast to provide clangs, creaks, whistles and eerie vibrations.

Photography: Sean Owen
"Last night was our annual pilgrimage to honour the Bard. We really enjoyed The Tempest at the Sewell Barn Theatre (in the round), and would highly recommend this production to our friends. The set was outstanding: No, it really was an outstanding set. The performers managed to get both the story and the humor beautifully across to the audience, which means the director, producer and crew did an exceptional job. The second part of this run is next week.... please go and enjoy it as we did." Gareth L

"Just went to see the Tempest at the Sewell Barn Theatre on Constitution Hill this evening. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The scenery and atmosphere were extraordinary as was the acting which was beyond brilliant." Clive E

“We found the play very interesting last night and the theme of power and colonialism came over strongly. Prospero was very good and clear and managed the opening exposition with Miranda really well. Ariel was really great. Singing, verse and movement were really powerful and the androgynous quality worked superbly. I also liked Caliban and the sense of brutishness, as well as the other complexities in his character. The set was wonderful, so much interest.” Liz D

“Loved the performance! Only the second time I’ve seen The Tempest. Cast, lighting, sound, direction – everything was top notch.” Nik T

Thanks so much for a magical evening. Lovely production and set.” Joc M

"We thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Tempest’ on Wednesday – you really are brilliant Players – your creativity is marvellous." Roy & Eva L

"Splendid evening seeing 'The Tempest' at @sewellbarn with some familiar faces in the cast. Highly recommend going to see it whilst it's on if you have the chance." Steve I

"We had a great evening at Sewell Barn Theatre last night watching The Tempest .... wonderful performances from the whole cast." Joy P

"Huge congratulations to the cast and crew of The Tempest. Thank you for a magical evening." Jen D

"Excellent production of ‘The Tempest’ at the Sewell Barn. Imaginative setting, superb performances, enthralling direction. Brave new world indeed! Highly recommended!" Vincent G