Friday 13 October 2023


1984 by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan
based on the novel by George Orwell
12-14, 18-21 October 2023 at 7.30pm; 2.30pm matinee on Saturday 21 October
Tickets from Ticketsource at or 0333 666 3366

Nothing is your own, not even your thoughts... and 2+2=5. Fact!

Great Britain is part of Oceania, controlled by Big Brother. With most of the world at war, Winston works at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to fit Party doctrine. But quietly, rebellion creeps in. He begins a diary, and - more importantly - falls in love.

Can you trust the evidence or each other? How do you know what’s really true? And can you hold out against your deepest fears?

A dark, cautionary tale about the dangers of totalitarianism, government surveillance and censorship.

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

"Wonderful production. The quality was on a par with professional theatre we have seen in London. This was the first production we have seen but we will certainly be coming again. Fabulous talent in direction and acting." Sandra

"Terrifying yet superb! And how wonderful to see the magnetic John Dane again, still at the top of his form! As steward on Saturday's matinee you'd be surprised how many members of the departing audience said to me - "I don't think I'll sleep tonight!"" Robin

"A show packed full of towering performances, superb, detailed direction from Ginny Porteous, and a display of technical excellence and accuracy from the production team. It's one that will live long in the memory." Ray Tempesta, East Anglian Theatre Podcast - click here for full review

"Unbelievably good, with immense performances from all. Well done!!" David

"Orwell’s novel is famed for its prescience, and it still feels (depressingly) modern nearly 40 years on from its target date and almost 80 from its creation. The constancy of war and the need for politics to find an enemy hasn’t gone away; we are more surveilled than ever and mostly sleepily, complicitly, grateful for protection from the foreigner in funny shoes that could so easily be us. This production brings those themes crashingly to life, in a brilliant – if also distressing – piece of theatre. You might not want them to watch you, but you should watch this." James Goffin (Cultivated) - click here for full review

"Powerful, disturbing, and so bleakly relevant. A brilliant production, moving and chilling performances." Helen

"Very well done... uncomfortable and provocative, just as it should be. Well done." Stephen

"Congratulations on a magnificent production of 1984. Came tonight. Never heard of the theatre before but a friend recommended 1984. It was seriously good. Better than a production I saw in the West End a few years ago. Well done everyone. Acting was first class." Louise

"So pleased to have been able to take Sewell Park Academy students to this powerful production - a tremendous experience for them … right on the doorstep! Thanks to the Sewell Barn Committee for helping to make it happen, and to director Ginny Porteous for the workshop in school last week. Above all, congratulations to the cast and crew!" Shelagh

"Quite brilliant and so disturbing and chilling!" Robin

"An exciting and absorbing version that shouldn’t be missed." Jen

"Thank you for an absolutely brilliant performance, and for the excellent discussion afterwards on Friday." Roy & Eva

"The Sewell Barn Theatre company regularly impress me with the power of their dramatisations. They are a thoughtful, intelligent and creative bunch of people who take diverse scripts and make them into a thoroughly unique and memorable production. On this occasion they have taken their work to a new level and give us a remarkably powerful bit of theatre... The play is presented as one long single act, necessary to keep the tension high and the pace right, but there is no slack in this script or performance and it does not feel too long. Many audience members will know the original work so we know how the story will unwind, but there are still shocks and surprises as it unfolds. The sound design and management is very skilful and contributes to an impressive show." Julian Swainson (Norwich Eye) - click here for full review

"Absolutely astonishing performances and production." Peter

"An absolutely brilliant production of 1984 is waiting to be 'enjoyed' at the Sewell Barn Theatre . Wonderful performances from everyone but particularly Jez Pike and a superb, chilling,tour de force from John Dane (blast him!!). Technically brillant, and great direction by Ginny Porteous. Well done everyone. A very uncomfortable evening, emotionally and physically. Well done to little Cleo Whiteley and little John Holden." David

“It's a testament to the brilliance of the production of 1984 that I felt so disturbed that I couldn't stick around afterwards to congratulate Ginny Porteous and her cast. So now, 12 hours later and feeling more dispassionate....towering performances, wonderful set and fantastic lighting and sound - well done to all involved in creating this chilling piece of theatre!” Clare Williamson - past Artistic Director