Saturday 21 January 2023


A century of LGBT+ life: placing human faces onto a tumultuous history

A young soldier returning from the trenches of the First World War mourns the loss of a love that dare not speak its name. Almost one hundred years later, a man looks forward to his gay wedding.

Poignant and personal, funny, tragic and riotous, Queers celebrates a century of positive change and political milestones in British LGBT+ history, as seen through the eyes of eight individuals. Curated by Mark Gattiss in 2017 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalised homosexual acts in private between two men over the age of twenty-one, each monologue is a sensitive exploration of the highs and lows of the queer experience.

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

"...The whole collection was a triumph from start to finish, and for a directorial debut, Michelle Hutchings can be so proud of what she achieved. Though it seems a bit trivial by comparison to the urgent messages within the show, I feel a special mention must also go to the set designers/builders for recreating a pub setting with such skill and detail. It’s a bit late for me to say this is a production that shouldn’t be missed, but I’ll instead simply congratulate everyone that’s worked on the production for such a magnificent piece of theatre". East Anglian Theatre Podcast [click here for full review]

"I managed to drag myself past my front door on Friday evening. I am so glad I didn’t miss out!... I was pleased to meet you, Michelle, and express my appreciation personally. Your casting was superb and the performances you (and Gatiss) inspired were so memorable... It was outstanding." Jan

"Spent a wonderful evening in the company of the characters of Queers at the Sewell Barn - fascinating stories creating a rollercoaster of emotions. If you missed it you missed out. Huge congratulations to director Michelle Hutchings and her phenomenal cast and crew!" Jen

"Lucky enough to see this great show on Friday night. A triumph - sincere congratulations to all involved." Shelagh

"Thank you to the Sewell Barn Theatre, director Michelle Hutchings, Zanna Foley-Davies, Jen Alexander and the rest of the Queers team. A powerful production and a most moving evening." Clare

"It was amazing, moving and thought provoking. Accolades to all." Frankie

"Beautiful production chronicling gay lives from 1917 to 2017, with an additional monologue by a trans woman, written by some of the company, and a passionate epilogue that brings the history bang up to date from last week’s headlines. Pitch-perfect performances by each member of the cast." Alan

"There are many things I am, and many things I’m not. And the things you’re not you have to listen harder to. Queers at The Barn was gripping from start to finish, and the stories told, very very worth listening to. Outstanding theatre." James

"Well done to Zanna Foley-Davies, Benjamin Turner, Jen Alexander and the rest of the actors in 'Queers' at Sewell Barn Theatre. What a fantastic show....very moving!" Julie

"Queers was a great success.  We thought it was an impressive piece with a significant impact, insightful and up to date.  Performances, as ever, were of a very high standard and it was certainly well received by the audience last night. Michelle and all the team should be delighted." Shelagh

"To find seven cast members of the skill and quality of this lot is a remarkable achievement. Each actor seems to fit in their role like a nicely tailored glove." Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye [click here for full review]

"Some startlingly good performances and writing come together in this series of monologues." James Goffin, Cultivated [click here for full review]

This was a fantastic production.  The standard of acting was superb.  I did not realise until afterwards,when reading the programme, that the company had added a monologue and epilogue to include trans history.  These additions enhanced an already moving, funny and brilliantly written script. I hope Mark Gatiss has been invited to watch this production!” Jane

"Super proud of Jen Alexander and all the cast and crew of Queers at Sewell Barn Theatre. Amazing, powerful, heartfelt production. I was gripped! Huge congratulations to director Michelle Hutchings Do go and see it if you get [the] chance." Shelly

"This show is amazing - theatre at its best." Diane

"It really is a fabulous show. Do go and see it if you can. Wonderful performances all round." Jo

"Saw it last night. Some absolutely outstanding performances." Alison

"Absolutely brilliant performances. I loved it and urge people to get their ticket. Well done everyone." Laura

"Saw the show this evening, so thought provoking and superb acting, excellent evening." Diane

"Such a great and clever show!The acting was spot on and so natural. The stories are worth hearing and honoring, and it was genuinely alive. Multiple people in the audience cried!!!" Amie

"Went to dress rehearsal of Queers last night: amazing set, and, my goodness, it was brilliant.  It has been done so well." Jen Flitton [Sewell Barn committee member]

"Relevant, urgent, needed." Audience comment on blackboard

The show plays from 19-21 and 25-28 January at 7:30 plus a matinee at 2:30 on 28 January. Tickets available from or telephone 0333 666 3366.