Friday 22 November 2019


It’s 1958. Soho. There’s a body in two bins and five friends spend the weekend locked in a London night-club waiting for the chop.

Photography: Barry Parsons

When Jez Butterworth’s Olivier-award winning Mojo debuted at The Royal Court in 1995 it was hailed as one of the most important pieces of theatre in the twentieth century. The Sewell Barn Theatre has now assembled a supremely talented cast of young men to take on this fast paced black comedy. “It’s like Beckett on speed” explained director, Nick Meir. “Butterworth’s writing never lets up, and we have an extraordinarily talented cast who are very, very funny. Audiences are in for a real treat”.

Responses from our audiences seem to indicate that they agree!

“OMG. Came tonight because we saw Jerusalem [also by Jez Butterworth]. Anyone who was associated with “Mojo” should be extremely proud of a professional standard production. The acting was phenomenal! The cast held a consistently high line throughout the play rewarding excellent direction. Such pace, atmosphere and tension! Wow. Honestly initially speechless. One regret; that we didn’t come earlier in the run and have the opportunity to tell everyone we know to go! So glad we didn’t miss it, productions like this are few and far between. Congratulations to all.” Tabi P

"Just returned from watching Jez Butterworth's 'Mojo' at the Sewell Barn theatre. This really was a quite superb piece of theatre - a deftly directed and perfectly paced mixture of comedy and action, taking place on a deceptively simple set that nicely captured the front of house / back of house seedy club vibe. It was also, probably, the sweariest production I've seen there. But this dialogue fits perfectly with the characters and didn't contrived, forced or affected. Thoroughly enjoyable (if blood, dark humour and uncomfortable characters are your thing), I hope you got a chance to see it." Myles C

"Mojo at @sewellbarn. A ever-thrilling, often obscene, occasionally terrifying theatrical whirlwind, loaded with black comedy, killer 50s tunes, and outstanding, blistering performances from the young cast." David W

"Just two more performances tomorrow to catch this excellent production of Jez Butterworth's Mojo at the Sewell Barn. Maybe the cocaine and pills weren't real, but the frenetic energy and sweat of the young male cast were. Butterworth is a master of dark twists and poetic use of street vernacular. Nick Meir s direction keeps our noses pressed to this scary, comic window. It's set in 1958 and I remember the impact of rock and roll, but then we didn't have the Kray twins knocking on our door. Go see!" David N

"Pills and thrills a-plenty pepper this tale of the violent underbelly of 1950s sleazy Soho clubland, told with verve and style." James Goffin - EDP (for full review, click here)

"Went to see opening night of Mojo by Jez Butterworth last night at The Sewell Barn Theatre. Do please try and see this extraordinary production! Directed by Nick Mier with subtly, wit and style and performed by a young and very strong cast. It’s dark, it’s fast, it’s funny and just a little scary! Congratulations to you all and to John Dixon for his brilliant set." Robin W

"Came and watched Mojo, great performance, lovely theatre, I will be back!" Kate C

"Break a leg to the cast and crew of Mojo at the Sewell Barn Theatre. I was lucky enough to watch their final dress rehearsal and it's a terrific production. Go and see it!" Alice W

"It's fabulously energetic and quite wacky with great dialogue and really well cast. We loved it." Annette B