Saturday 6 May 2017

Kissing Sid James

A disastrous follow-up to a disastrous first date: a weekend in rainy Blackpool. As director Angela Rowe put it, "If you have ever been single, if you have ever wanted everything to turn out alright, if you have wanted something better or you just want to see great theatre then come and see Kissing Sid James." This fabulous two-hander has been delighting audiences during the first week of performances; don't miss your chance during the second half of the run (Wed 10 to Sat 13 May).

"You MUST see this rather wonderful comedy/drama.
I know, I KNOW, you get so many people saying, YOU MUST SEE THIS! These are usually posted by friends or advertisers hidden behind the cloud of social medias masses, not me, er well...not this time anyway.
Two characters, just 2, away for a 'dirty weekend' grab our attention from the first few moments, then the laughter begins. These are people we know, perhaps even us sometimes, coping with life while searching for 'love' and fun. These characters are full of life and 'talk' much sometimes, as show hilariously in the brilliant bed sex scene. There are also moments of pure fun, and caring, anger, and incredible drunken stupidity.
This two actors are really amazing creating characters that zing with life and humanity, they use the dialogue, all those words, to brilliant effect making us laugh and love and sigh, but mostly laugh.
And with a superb single set that represents all the scenes so well, this play is a joy as soon as you walk into the theatre.
Take a break from the tedium of a Saturday afternoon, Or have a dose of delicious comedy on a Saturday evening, before you dive into the nocturnal night life of Norwich.
All live performance has something special to offer, and the best plays capture some of the magic that there should be in life. 
I think this one has a touch of that. 
Really don't miss." Mark M

"Last night I actually managed to get to see Kissing Sid James at Sewell Barn Theatre. Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great script, interesting characters, laughs and moments of poignancy. If you have this afternoon or evening free I urge you to go..." Rebecca W

"What a great play - laughed out loud lots! Stellar performances from Matt and Chloe ... Highly recommended ..." Jo M

"It was brilliant last night... haven't laughed so much for ages!!!" Jill F [Chair - Sewell Barn Committee]

"Another excellent evening at the Barn. A very funny and entertaining show which was led by two very accomplished and likeable performers. The pace never dropped. Bravo!" Barnaby M

"...that's one of the funniest, and most painful, portrayals of human relationships I have ever seen. On a beautifully created and painted set, the two actors moved us from belly-laughs to understanding and emotion as we came to comprehend their back-story and their lives. Two massive roles - especially Eddie - with almost no time off stage nor place to hide, handled with sheer professionalism and deep integrity, creating a scenario that was utterly believable." Cassie T [Joint Artistic Director]

"Kissing Sid James... excellent production. First class professional acting: incredibly believable characters. Well done to all." Reg W

"Matt Scantlebury is terrific as the outwardly effusive but inwardly crumpled Eddie, who somehow manages to persuade the differently broken Crystal (played with a heart-breaking, fading spark by Chloe Norris) to check in with him for the dirty weekend... This is a chillingly real and entertaining tale of the search for love, butting up against the reality of vices amongst the ices. Go see." James Goffin - Eastern Daily Press [click here for full review]