Saturday 3 December 2016

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

This hilarious show, based on a short story by Oscar Wilde and bearing all the hallmarks of his wit and characterisations, proved a great success.

"Here we see the iconic characters of intelligent butler and nice but dim Lord, brought to life, and in unusual close up for me as I was in the first row for a change... Using the ease of well known characters the audience are quick to engage with the action, in the comfort of thinking they know what to expect, amusement soon rippling around the theatre. But brilliant and very amusing surprises are waiting. The cast instantly produce really vivacious, strong characters that were so easy to warm to, you could feel the pleasure of the audience in every burst of laughter. With the cast working so well together creating realistic relationships both loving, and not. With a stunning set, and some excellent props and FX this is one to sit back and relish. So if you like classic comedy that is full of solid characters and explosive energy don’t miss this." Mark M

"Once again a great show at the Sewell Barn! An explosive and finely executed comedy which kept us highly entertained. It was full of energy and enthusiasm and the cast were clearly enjoying themselves. Excellent." Barnaby M

"Just back from the last night of this fabulous production! Well done Rob and all the cast! You milked all the humour and then some!!" Robin S

"Well done to Matt Scantlebury tonight - sterling performance chap, always a class act to watch. Also Nic Myers, brilliantly played, best comedic tears ever, finally Chloe Norris great little cameo role." Martin R

"Really enjoyed the show last night, well done. People: go and see Matt Scantlebury in his play - very fine comedy acting." Chris T

"Well, that was fantastic fun, well set, brilliantly acted and engaging to the end. I kept expecting to know what the next faux pas would be but the twists kept me guessing, and laughing! Well done all involved with Lord Arthur!" Emma K

"A most enjoyable evening . Haven't laughed so much in ages. Well done to all the cast!" Karen S

"Took a friend last night. Lord Arthur Savile's Crime turned out to be a wonderful piece of whimsy, deftly handled by the cast. We were tickled pink and came away grinning broadly. Not bad from two hard bitten theatre goers :)"Annette B

"Went tonight and was great - funny! Happy to go again... It was hilarious - highly recommend this show - some great comedy performances. " Jo M

"Really enjoyed myself this evening, well done to all the cast and crew especially Rob Morris [director]." Ruth H

"This was such fun to watch. Well done to all involved." Ruth E