Saturday 8 June 2019


Photography: Barry Parsons
In rural Spain of the 1930’s, a childless woman in a cold marriage becomes so obsessed with the idea of motherhood that her frustration leads her to commit a terrible crime that ultimately kills her own dreams.

Lorca’s play sees the collision of female sexuality and toxic masculinity, Catholicism and paganism, tradition and change dressed in evocative poetry, song, imagery and ritual. It results in an adult parable of dark beauty and visceral humanity.

Phillip Rowe's directorial debut at the theatre uses puppetry, masks, dance, music and a strong cast to portray this tragic story.

"Just seen Yerma at the Sewell Barn. Stunning performances, gorgeous design and atmospheric music. Congratulations to all involved in producing some gripping theatre. Go see it!!!" Jessica H

"'Yerma' at @sewellbarn. An intense #drama full of potent #symbolism, set in a stunning piece of #design. The cast delivered the visceral yet poetic language in some heart-rending performances. Congratulations to all involved!" David W

"Top show, Sewell Barn." Dylan B

"It was amazing!" Dylan B's 12-year-old daughter

"Sewell Barn really impressed me with its simple layout and profound decor. Yerma's production and delivery was absolutely intense, passionate and connected. I felt part of the play.. well done all." Roy A

"Well, that was yet another wonderful evening of local theatre at the Sewell Barn Theatre. A brilliant and enthralling interpretation of Lorca’s intense play Yerma by director Phillip Rowe. Clever use of masks and elements of folk music and dance powerfully evoke the claustrophobic atmosphere of 1930s rural Spain in the Barn’s intimate space. The difficult themes all come threateningly alive at the hands of an exciting and thoroughly committed cast. Can I break all the reviewer's rules? all right, then I have to single out Zachary Burbridge as the stolid farmer Juan, and above all the magnificent Sarah Jenkins in the title role as his suppressed and frustrated wife – this is a spine-tingling performance worthy of huge respect, congratulations and wide recognition. If you’re anywhere within several hundred miles of Norwich you just have to come and see it today or next week. And I mean, you *have* to come and see this. It’s not an easy watch but my God it’s worth it." Selwyn Tillett [Secretary to Sewell Barn Committee]