Friday 15 October 2021

Love, Love, Love

Lost idealism and parental responsibility are the themes of Mike Bartlett's sparkling satirical play. Kenneth and Sandra meet, get married, have children, divorce and settle into retirement. We follow their trajectory in three acts, that take place in 1967, 1990 and 2011 – each capturing a specific moment in family life and British politics.

Written ten years ago, Bartlett’s play eviscerates the still-mostly-with-us ‘60s generation with a painfully funny savagery. The pertinence of his ferociously sharp, and sometimes simply ferocious, observations about the baby boomers and their disaffected Generation X children has not changed in the intervening decade.

Photography: Barry Parsons

"Fabulous energy, excellent performances, powerful subject, thought provoking AND funny - great show, thank you!" Harriet W

 "I enjoyed the play, interesting and relevant... I thought that the Gen X woman [Emma Kirkham as Rose] was exceptionally good... Phil's sets also always amaze me with their inventiveness." Chris B

"All four of us thought ‘Love, Love, Love’ was absolutely brilliant last night – it filled the conversation all the way back to North Walsham and beyond! PS: Also meant to say how brilliant the Staging was – the extra applause was well deserved. We are wondering whether have interchangeable wall panels for our lounge so we can change it each week!" Roy & Eva T

"If you get a chance to see this play I unhesitatingly recommend that you do. Well written, brilliantly acted and staged and proof that the Sewell Barn Theatre company are back with a winner." Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye [click here for full review]

"Congratulations Clare Williamson and cast/crew of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (Sewell Barn Theatre). Provocative, funny, portrayal of so much that needs addressing in society... left me wanting to see what these characters would be doing in 2021! Looking forward to seeing it again next week - get a ticket if you can!" Jen A

"Brilliant play, so well done... really good, thoroughly enjoyed it." Vicky F

"...plenty of funny dialogue and entertaining action, and the Sewell Barn cast make the most of it..." James Goffin, Cultivated [click here for full review]

"Just wanted to say how much Nick and I enjoyed (if that's the right word ...) last night's performance. Entertaining, witty stuff - whilst also absolutely brutal. Jonathan, I found your character both truly compelling and utterly despicable ... well done! It's a 20 minute walk home for us - and we talked about it all the way." Shelagh M [Secretary to the Sewell Barn Trustees]

"...just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the performance Thursday evening. Please extend our congratulations to all involved." Linda O

"A very entertaining evening with some uncomfortable truths! Well worth a watch." Barnaby M

"[Message to Emma, who played Rose]: I just wanted to say that I thought your performance last night was outstanding!!! You crossed the age barriers effortlessly and the passion in the final act was amazing!!! Well done you!!! My friend and I enjoyed the show immensely and we thought your brother was excellent too!! Well done to the entire cast, it is a great show!!" Wendy A

"We loved the production of this show even if we did go home somewhat emotionally bruised. Well done everyone, very well acted, brilliantly staged - great sets as always. A pleasure to be back at the Barn." Shelagh & Alan S