Friday 12 January 2018

Blood and Ice

It's 200 years ago this month (January 2018) that Mary Shelley's iconic novel was published, and we're delighted to be celebrating this milestone with Liz Lochhead's dark, powerful play about Mary and her world.

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts
We were especially pleased to be given a double-page spread of advance publicity in the Eastern Daily Press about the show, and you can read the online version here.

The show has been greeted with great enthusiasm, and here are some of the reviews...

"Went to see Blood & Ice at Sewell Barn last night (17th Jan) and it was fantastic. Such a strong show, actors were excellent, particularly the young lady who played Mary Shelley. She had so many lines and delivered them incredibly well. I thought it a very credible performance. Well done." Dawn T

"... tension is brilliantly maintained throughout, with the whole space of the theatre used for action above, below and around us..." Charlotte Valori (click here to read the whole review)

"I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t know the play. It was brilliantly performed, the effects were excellent and scary at times. I was on the edge of my seat! A play that combined an element of horror with a moving story line. Not to be missed. Congratulations all round." Jill F [Chair - Sewell Barn Committee]

"Went to see Blood & Ice last night. What a pleasure it was! A fascinating study of Mary Shelley and the creation of Frankenstein. Strong direction, clear communication and a very effective set all enhanced the experience. I'm happy to say that my Norwegian sister in law followed every word! We'll done to all involved for a fantastic evening out. Lots of food for thought and isn't that what the best theatre should be about?" Clare W [Joint Artistic Director]

"Very atmospheric with some great set pieces... visually stunning." Barnaby M

"Very thought provoking play. Some very good performances and wonderful direction. Costumes were excellent too." David W

"A night of dark interest as we went to see Blood and Ice The life and sometimes frightful times of #frankenstein author Mary Shelley Directed by our beautiful and talented friend (gents she's single;)) @sabz_101 this being my first visit to a theatre. It was a real treat and kept me gripped from start to finish." Carl S

"Blood and Ice. Sewell Barn Theatre. Fantastic play, wonderful acting, inspired directing. A thrill to watch!" James T

"Tightly directed, beautifully characterised and well focused." Cassie T [Joint Artistic Director]

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