Sunday 14 July 2019

Waiting in the Wings

‘The Wings’ is a charity home for retired actresses. Into the jealousies, point-scoring and memories of many decades comes Lotta, new resident and former leading lady. Her arrival revives a long-dormant personal feud which eventually involves the whole community and is only resolved when another resident has to leave in tragic circumstances.

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts
A mammoth cast of 18 people, with a combined age of well in excess of 1,000 years and centuries of theatrical experience, delighted our audiences.

"This show is as perfect as live performance gets. I am so glad I got there!" Clare H

"We went to see Waiting in the Wings last week, and enjoyed a fantastic evening's entertainment - hilarious, poignant, sad - it was a great show. A difficult one to pull off, with a huge cast, and not a lot of action apart from Deidre's dramatic demise, but the company managed it superbly under Cassie's direction. Sewell Barn scores again!" Frances M

"Great characters, making a fabulous team... This was a triumph. It’s hard to pick out performers, they were all excellent including the cameos. Doreen was a delight. Perhaps it helps being a certain age to fully enjoy Coward; we certainly did. We simply loved the production. You and everyone involved may feel very pleased."  Michael & Margaret D

"Many congratulations to cast and whole company of “Waiting in the Wings”. Excellent production. Funny, touching, poignant and moving." Robin W

"I'm not sure that any theatre other than the Barn could have put this play on with the same result: there was an intimacy about the performances that was enhanced so much by the ambience of the theatre itself. Almost three hours in length but the time simply rolled on by; the audience was almost a part of the production. This was an absolutely wonderful production. Lovely to see." Terry C

"Delighted this show has had an awesome run! Saw it Thurs eve. I giggled, outright laughed and cried! Brilliantly, beautifully done." Tracie N

"Thank you Cassie, Cast and Crew for a wonderfully entertaining and memorable evening. I doubt I'll ever see so much acting experience in one place at one time again. Memories are made of this." Zanna F-D

"Waiting in the Wings was fantastic! Beautifully scripted by Noel Coward and brought to life by the ladies with wit, humour and compassion. The chaps weren’t bad either!" Paula M

"Just wanted to say how much [we] enjoyed the play last night. Thoroughly absorbing and characterisations seemed spot-on... Thanks to you all." Richard S

"Old age awaits us all and the spectre of losing one’s independence and ending up in a home looms large on many a horizon. But in Waiting in the Wings, the audience is offered a somewhat brighter outlook on the future in a home. This is a touching story that lifts a lid on the fears of the new residents leaving behind their old lives, the spectre of dementia, old rivalries laid bare and friendships forged, celebrated and held dear with a whole host of charming, likeable characters that make up the residents and staff and assorted others at the Wings. It really is an ensemble piece with all the cast fully inhabiting their parts so that wherever you look on the (at times very busy!) stage there is something happening. They all work together as a collective whole to immerse you in this absorbing play and together with the help of the backstage team (another fab set and flawless scene changes) have produced a most enjoyable evening of theatre. I would happily pay another visit to the ladies in The Wings and if this is what awaits us in the retirement homes of our future then we could do a whole lot worse!" Matt S

"Impeccable timing of dialogue, humour and witticisms.  Good characterisation of the time period, being well thought out and researched to make a truly wonderful production of a time tested play.
There were some very gifted actors and actresses amongst the cast, with great potential.  All fitted together admirably. Always amazing how so many lines and changes of costume can be managed. The production depicted so acutely life’s realities. Impressive to see how the use of one set, with one or two changes, could be used so effectively throughout. Felt better for the experience - a production full of fun, laughter and tears. Congratulations to all.” Sue L

"What a lovely, warm, truly ensemble performance, where the 18-strong cast fully inhabit an array of wonderful, eccentric, and yet wholly relatable characters. I was entirely drawn into their world,  laughing and crying along with them, relishing in the gossip and scandals, the rivalries and reconciliations...and most of all praying for that solarium! Congratulations all on a touching and thoroughly enjoyable evening of theatre!" Sarah J

"Just back from watching Waiting in the Wings, what a fab show, a great show for all ages - our 14 year old daughter loved it. The characters were great and after spending some time visiting an old peoples home we could identify with the characters. Well worth a watch." Sarah R

"This show has a delightful warmth about it and truly honest performances which was a joy to behold, and by the end I was quite emotional which is highly unusual for a Noel Coward! It was wonderful spending an evening with these characters and I didn't want it to end!" Barnaby M

"Excellent cast and production. Felt like old friends by the end of the play!" From comments board

"This is a bittersweet play, with plenty of laughs and a good deal of pathos... a surprisingly powerful piece and a great chance to see some experienced talent back on stage." James Goffin for Norwich Evening News. For full article, click here.

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