Friday 10 June 2016

Brimstone & Treacle: reviews

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts
From the very first performance, we have been delighted with the positive feedback on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

"Sometimes the Sewell Barn offers up a production or a performance that is outstanding, even stellar. Personally, for me it has happened on two occasions: the chilling production of Festen, a couple of years ago, and Joe Wills Derbyshire as Caligula, last season, will always stand out in my memory, and last night I saw a production and performances that rank with those two.

Brimstone and Treacle, superbly directed by Jen Dewsbury, and featuring riveting performances by the cast, will long remain in my memory. Jonathan Massey was diabolically intense as Martin, and was admirably matched by the gentle, trusting, hopeful persona portrayed by Abbe Swain as Mrs Bates. These two commanded one's attention throughout the play. Sabrina Diane Poole performed the difficult role of the catatonic daughter with sympathy and intensity, and Stewart Thompson .showed us the dark politically loathsome side of Tom Bates well. A fantastic, uncomfortable , and perversely enjoyable event. Congratulations to you all."

"Go and see Brimstone & Treacle - strange and unsettling, brilliantly acted!"

"Amazing first night. Well done to all involved."

"Congratulations to @sewellbarn for a great opening night of Brimstone and Treacle. Powerful performances and excellent direction. Well done!"

"Really powerful production of Brimstone and Treacle at @sewellbarn tonight. Strong, committed cast - @JPPMassey and @Sabz_101 outstanding!"

"Brimstone and Treacle...amazing, horrifying, funny, sad. Don't miss it, well done to all the cast and crew you were brilliant."

"WOW - all of the above and more, well done to all!"

"Superb production of "Brimstone and Treacle" tonight. Sabrina Poole was outstanding as Pattie. A great theatre experience."

"Excellent production as always, superb ambiance, superlative acting, great set..."

"Brimstone and Treacle. Sewell Barn. Awesome. You watch a play and you wish you were worthy of the words to describe the depth, the acting, the direction. It was, everything you could watch from such a hideous story."

"F*** me backwards! That was intense. If you haven't seen Brimstone &Treacle yet, get your ass off the sofa and go do it at Sewell Barn Theatre before the last show. Laughed! Cried! Wanted to get out of my seat with the sheer amount of angry. turns out I work with one of the lovely, talented actors doing their amazing thing tonight. Seriously! Go see it before it's gone. Thank you muchly for the invite Wendy. It was awesome but I feel I need a bit of emotional recovery after that xD lol"