Friday 25 November 2022


Robert and Jerry have been best friends for years. But when Jerry starts an affair with Robert’s wife Emma, the deceptions begin.  Many other layers of betrayal arise from this central deceit - and time and memory can also play us false.  There is no room to hide and everything is stripped bare.  Yet Betrayal is funny, as well as being intriguing and painful: people can be at their most absurd when they are most serious.

Described as the ‘greatest and most moving’ of all Harold Pinter’s plays, every word is carefully chosen. The characters in Betrayal have education, careers and money, they are in the years between the end of youth and the onset of middle age, and they make mistakes.  Their life, work and family dilemmas are exposed to us.

Photography: Andrew Evans

"The Sewell Barn Company have created a beautifully crafted and memorable production of this popular work which comfortably bears comparison with professional productions with a hundred times their budget. Every component, including set design and costumes as well as the performance create a whole greater than the sum of the parts, and I recommend that you book and enjoy this show." Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye [for full review, click here]

"The tight cast perform the piece with crispness and clarity, shifting between amore, anger, and apathy as their affections change through time." James Goffin, Cultivated [for full review, click here]

"Have just seen 'Betrayal'. That was superb! They made me cry!" Kiera

"Very good show - well worth catching!" Trevor

"I enjoyed seeing this subtle Pinter brought to life again last night. Betrayals galore - marital fidelity, lovers' trust, male friendship, literary idealism and all interlinked." David

"Would like to add my congratulations to Clare and her superb cast. I had decided long ago that Pinter was not for me having seen a couple of his plays. This time I was totally absorbed by the dilemma and was pulled back and forth by the multiple betrayals. All I can say is, it was excellent and memorable and you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves." Zanna

"I totally agree with the comments above; and also I would like to praise the set design and the flawless and unobtrusive changes of furniture." Janet

"Well done to Clare Howard, Verity Roat, Steven Scase, and Robin Watson for such a lovely performance of Harrold Pinter's "Betrayal". What a fabulous night out, we really enjoyed ourselves!" Natasha

"This was the Barn at its best! Superb acting - every little pause and glance was beautifully timed. I loved the way the actors were so much 'at home' in every move. Lovely work, Clare and cast!" Robin

"Loved the show tonight! I thought the performances of the three main members of the cast were outstanding." Andrew Evans [company photographer]

'Betrayal' plays Thu 24 to Sat 26 November, then Wed 30 to Sat 3 December, at 7:30pm, plus a 2:30 matinee on Sat 3.Tickets available from Ticketsource on 0333 666 3366 or