Thursday 9 May 2019

The Children

Lucy Kirkwood's dark, reflective but often very funny play has been described most frequently as "thought-provoking" and "unsettling". Hazel and Robin, two retired nuclear scientists, eke out a spartan existence in an isolated cottage not far from the power station where they once worked. In the wake of a catastrophic accident at the power plant, the couple strive to maintain a semblance of normality but this is shattered with the arrival of an old friend with a daunting request.

Photography: Andrew Evans
"“I thought the play itself was a cleverly written piece that slowly unfolded in front of the audience, revealing itself to be more complex and in some ways simpler too. I thought it was an interesting message given the current climate as well – the older generation atoning for their mistakes. It made us laugh and it made us think. The characters were such an interesting mix. I loved the set and the staging of the play. I am always surprised how a play in one location is able to hold the attention so well, especially with such a small cast but this certainly did.

One of the many charms of the Barn is the wide range of plays that make up each season. There’s comedy, romance, tragedy and more. Then there are those that are made up by a bit of all the above. The Children is one of these plays. A thought provoking, perhaps prescient story that is at the same time beautiful, tragic and funny told engagingly by the three actors who were relatable and believable and you really feel for them as you discover more about each of them and their loves and losses. Well done all!" Matt S

"Watched The Children last night. A thoroughly thought provoking and moving production with a dose of humour thrown in. Brilliant acting on a very professional set. I cannot recommend it enough." Jill F [Chair - Sewell Barn Committee]

"Fantastic play and performances, congratulations to all involved." Ruth H

"The Children was an excellent show presented with gusto by three highly experienced performers. Funny, provoking and haunting in many ways with some real surprises. Once again the barn has demonstrated their ability to select a fabulous variety of plays." Barnaby M

"Those present were totally involved at all times and also clearly got the humour of the play. One impressive feature of the production was the pace and also the pauses which worked very well. Your cast gave strong performances. Sewell Barn should be very pleased with the quality of the production." John S