Friday 24 November 2023


Immaculate | by Oliver Lansley | directed by Sabrina Poole

23-25 November & 29 November-2 December 2023

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

How does the modern woman cope with immaculate conception?

The devil, the Angel Gabriel, and that weird kid from high school all knock on your door claiming parentage of your unborn child. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. But for Mia it’s just the start of her day. She’s young, free, single, hasn’t had sex in a year, and yet is very pregnant with possibly the next Messiah. Throw in a belligerent ex-boyfriend and a baby-fearing best friend with a guilty conscience, and you have a hilarious evening of revelations that has everyone questioning more than just their faith.


"Just been watching "Immaculate" at the Barn. OUTRAGEOUSLY funny. Great ensemble. OUTRAGEOUSLY blasphemous too, for those of a sensitive disposition. But that probably excludes my Facebook friends. I'm obviously destined for the "other place". In fact, this Lucifer puts up a very good case." David

"Absolutely brilliant… never stopped laughing from start to finish…excellent." Jamie

"A superb evening's entertainment, great script and performance with many laugh old loud moments - we hadn't laughed so much in ages. Congratulations to all involved!" Michael

"Bonkers play, often extremely funny, and some very impressive and accomplished performances!" Trevor

"It was absolutely brilliant. I loved it." Jane

"I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I've been a lot more liberal with using expletives since seeing it 🤣 Well done to the cast and crew!" Surya

"Terrific evening. Great players, left us smiling and laughing all night. Interesting underlying issues raised and aired. I really recommend the whole package.... Brilliant show. Really enjoyed an entertaining and thought provoking evening. Go." John

"Saw it Wednesday and absolutely loved it! Many congratulations to all involved." Shelagh

"Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance of Immaculate at the Sewell Barn Theatre. It’s a very funny, very irreverent play (prepare yourself if you’re easily offended 😉) Worth a watch if only for the excellent set Sabrina Poole 😜🤣 Ends Saturday so get your tickets now!!!" Alison

"...there's tons to enjoy about the show, especially when the performances are as good as this company produced between them." Ray Tempesta - East Anglian Theatre Podcast [click here for full review]

"This extremely irreverent take on the second coming is enormously enjoyable, both for its sharp script and some spot-on performances." James Goffin - Cultivated [click here for full review]

"Another excellent show at the Barn.  Strong performances in a tightly directed show.  Comedy, yes with some LOL moments, but listen carefully as some interesting points are made about religion and male/female roles." Jane


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