Thursday 11 July 2024

The Memory of Water

by Shelagh Stephenson | directed by Cassie Tillett

11-13, 17-20 July at 7.30pm / 2.30pm matinee on Saturday  20 July

Please note: the production contains strong language, adult themes, and some smoking of herbal cigarettes. Tickets available from or 0333 666 3366.

Can you feel nostalgia for something that never really existed?

Three sisters gather at their mother’s house for her funeral. Through their arguments, tears, and laughter we learn of the joys and conflicts of their shared childhood, as well as the distortions of memory.

This powerful, painful and often hilarious illustration of family dynamics and influence won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 2000. It reflects on all our hopes, dreams, self-delusion and disappointments, and on the power of the past – imaginary or real - to shape our present and our future.

Photography: Cassie Tillett

"Sewell Barn company at its finest - superb direction, performing, staging. A truly first class production by an equally first class team of creatives. Book now for their few remaining performances." Karen

"This is the best production I've seen in a long while. I found myself, laughing, gasping & cringing throughout the performance. Brilliantly done!" Jane

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night (second Thursday). It seems to me that the quality of theatre to be enjoyed at Sewell Barn just keeps on increasing. Wonderful play superbly acted. Do go and see it if you can." Kevin

"What a lovely evening I had at the Barn yesterday. You had cast the play perfectly and I laughed out loud, between feeling sorry for and sad for all the characters. I know a funny script is most important, but it is only funny if delivered with perfect timing and all the actors had that, especially Catherine, who had me wanting to shake her and hug her in equal measure. I had seen Jo at the Maddermarket and knew how good she was, but every character delivered. I didn't know Mike was being played by an understudy until I saw it on the board in the interval, and didn't he do well? I wondered why a man would come through the window to get out of the snow, with a book in his hand, but he only glanced surreptitiously to cue himself in and knew the script so well it did not distract at all. It must have been such a lot of work to get it to that standard,  thank you for getting it to that point, so we could relax and just enjoy the whole thing." Jenny

"In this production of Shelagh Stephenson’s Olivier Award-winning play, the creative team has struck the balance between humour and anguish perfectly... [a] beautiful, sensitive production." Ray Tempesta - East Anglian Theatre Podcase [click here for full review]

"This play – and this production of it – pulls of the rare feat of being deeply moving and riotously funny; a dark comedy that touches raw nerves and funny bones in near equal measure. A lot of the credit for that goes to Shelagh Stephenson’s script, with its sharp observation, characterisation, and deft phrasing, but director Cassie Tillett has also elicited stunning performances from her talented cast." James Goffin, Cultivated [click here for full review]

"My heart is tender this morning - this powerful, funny, poignant play, beautifully performed, at Sewell Barn, explores and stirs memories and losses and how we all tend to sit in our own perceptions of the past, how memory is a creative act of storytelling in itself. It’s left me feeling and thinking a lot which is what good theatre does." Helen

"What an amazing production! Incredible performances - moving and hilarious. Well done all! ❤" Hollie

"What a super production - really engaging. The actors were fantastic and the comedic bits were really funny." Annie

"Second week of this insightful and brilliant show. A delight to be captured by this bittersweet funny play so beautifully acted and presented." Shelagh

"Saw a really excellent production of The Memory of Water at Sewell Barn Theatre last night, directed by Cassie Tillett, brilliant cast taking us through a very emotional journey of love and loss (and laughter, too). Yes, of course I cried! If you’re in Norwich catch it if you can." Alex

"Saw this on Thursday - it is truly an excellent play and exquisitely performed." Jonathan

"Amazing performances by all. Fab show. Definitely book some tickets if you haven't already." Diane

"A great & must see production. Throughly enjoyed Saturday evening's performance." 'Head Verger'

"Just been to see this excellent play at Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich... It was great to see my good friend Laura, who I’d only previously known in a senior education role, on stage and acting her socks off. Sometimes doing something new is appreciating someone else in a completely different role. It’s a good play, managing to be sad, profound and funny all in one small space, well done Laura and all the cast for taking us all somewhere that was both different and yet familiar. Last performances on Saturday so there’s still time." Colin

"Huge congratulations to Cassie Tillett and her cast and crew after a wonderful opening night of The Memory of Water at the Sewell Barn Theatre. This is such a rich depiction of grief in all its rawness and complexity yet it's also funny and ridiculous in equal measure as the lives of the three sisters and their mother are revealed. The performances of the women, their men and their relationships are beautifully and tenderly conveyed. The coffin is amazing but the most credit must go to John Holden for picking up the role of Mike with three days' notice due to the sudden illness of the original cast member - John deserves an Oscar for best performance in a pink bath towel ever. Lots more opportunities for everyone to see this." Clare Williamson [FOH Manager, Sewell Barn]

"It was excellent, great acting, powerful story, moving and funny.Gill

"Congratulations to Cassie and company! A brilliantly written play, beautifully performed by the whole company. Special shout out to John Holden, practically off book with just three days notice, very impressive!" Robin

"A very fine play - well worth performing!! And how well the cast and support team provided an excellent evening - congratulations to all involved!!" Ian

"Congratulations to the cast and crew - we really enjoyed last night's performance. Wishing you a very successful run. So recommend this show." Diane

[Review of earlier rehearsal] As I’m away on holiday during the run of this show, the director and cast of The Memory of Water were kind enough to allow me to watch a full run rehearsal this evening so that I don’t miss out! And, wow, am I grateful!! What an exceptional piece of work. It’s a brilliantly written script and this ridiculously talented cast play it perfectly. I laughed (boy, did I laugh, it’s hilarious) I cried, (apologies for the noisy sniffs) and I was utterly captivated from start to finish. I urge you to book and see this show. It’s a very special one." Alison

Saturday 1 June 2024

As You Like It

As You Like It

by William Shakespeare
directed by Carole Lovett
30 May-1 June, 5-8 June 7.30pm
Matinée 8 June 2.30pm

The Forest of Arden provides a safe haven to political exiles. But whilst its leafy canopy may shelter them from the world’s problems, it proves a chaotic playground for affairs of the heart. Romantic ambitions conflict and entangle as disguises, misdirected affections, and their own natures create riotous fun. Can they battle through the misunderstandings and find freedom in love?

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

"Tonight, I had the very great pleasure of attending the Sewell Barn Theatre for the very first time. I and several of my compatriots from the recent production of Twelfth Night (at ‘the Other Place’), were in tonight’s audience for the Barn’s production of  As You Like It. And like it we did (see what I did there?!) Now, I could wax lyrical about the quality of the performances (excellent, one and all), and the crispness of the direction (marvellous, darling), and tell you all that it was calibre entertainment, but the truth is, you already know I’m going to say that. But here’s the thing… We’re all just a little bit jealous. We’re all pining for our own show, and tonight I felt the same buzz in As You Like It as we felt a couple of weeks ago. I could just tell the cast were having a ball. That sense of fun, of love, and camaraderie, just zinged off the actors. There really is nothing like being in a show you just know is working.  Good work!" Richard

""All the world's a stage..." utters nobleman Jaques in Act II, but this talented company are not "merely players" as the famous monologue continues. For such was their ease and comfort with what can be daunting text, one could be fooled into believing that this troupe of actors have been speaking Shakespearean English their whole lives.... From top to bottom, this was an accomplished and most vibrant production. Director Carole Lovett has drilled her team well, eking the best out of everyone as they showed clear intentions throughout, and not a tentative performance in sight." Ray Tempesta (East Anglian Theatre Podcast - click here for full review)

"Congratulations on a brilliant production of As you like it. We went on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Setting the play in the second World War showed very effectively the constancy of mankind’s flaws and also I think made the play more accessible for people unfamiliar with it. Thank you for a delightful play." [message to director] Charles

"[Lewis Garvey and Hannah Wood] are naturals on stage and the moment they enter a scene I am immediately sucked into whatever tale they are spinning this time.  Accompanying them are a strong supporting cast made of men and women of the forest, who never failed to make me laugh whilst on stage. I particularly enjoyed the songs, sung by Gill Tichborne and Ros Swetman, and arranged by Tichborne too, which brought a livelihood to the piece even when I had no idea what was going on plotwise. Every time they appeared on stage I was hoping for another song and I was not disappointed! Sewell Barn’s shows consistently have incredibly strong supporting casts and this was no exception." Bertie Pearson (UK Theatre Network)  

"Thank you for a riveting evening of entertainment from start to finish. To say Rosalind, Celia, and Orlando were truly outstanding would be unfair to the others, who all played their part so well. Well done to Director Carole. Wow, what an evening to remember. Well done to all involved and wish you equal success with remaining  performances." Brian

"Enjoyable night at the Sewell Barn Theatre watching their current production, As You Like It. Very entertaining with some notable performances and the music was great fun!! On again next week from Wednesday to Saturday. Go get yourselves some Shakespeare!" Alison

Tickets, or by phone 0333 6663366.

Friday 19 April 2024

Bette and Joan

by Anton Burge | directed by Steven Scase
18-20 and 24-27 April 2024

In Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, aging Hollywood legends Bette Davies and Joan Crawford play two feuding actresses. Between takes, their bitter on-screen rivalries continue in their adjacent dressing rooms – according to Bette and Joan, by Anton Burge.  While Joan Crawford manages her anxiety by lacing her Pepsi with vodka and signing photographs for her beloved fans, Bette Davis chain smokes and muses on her love-life and her ability to pick a decent script, never a decent man.  Both indulge in ‘delicious bitching’ about the other. 

Between the put-downs and the practical jokes we see each woman’s insecurities and regrets: their rivalry is revealed to be underpinned by grudging respect as they attempt to identify their new roles in life as well as in their careers.

Photography: Barry Parsons

"Brilliant show! Great play, great production, out-of-this-world performances!" Trevor

"An amazing show and two stunning performances!!!! Massive congratulations to the whole team!!!" Wendy

[Message to director] "Steven, my dear boy, congratulations on an excellent production of Bette and Joan. It was very enjoyable and evocative. Like you (I suspect) I am an aficionado of Classic film of the 40's and 50's, having experienced a lot of it first hand. (Yes, I am far gone in age and ineptitude.) I can remember the release of Baby Jane. It was not reviewed favourably by the critics or me, but time has mellowed my opinion. I love Bette Davis.  All about Eve is one of my favourite films, and Alison Utting caught her brashness, balls and seeming confidence and yet showed us her fragility and softness that underlined everything she did, so well. A fine performance.  As indeed, was lovely Julie as the buttoned up Joan Crawford. They both gave me the impression of standing on your supportive shoulders." David

"Congratulations to Steven Scase, Alison Utting and Julie Hewitt! Wonderful production, and magnificent performances from Julie and Alison! Last three performances coming up… Catch it if you can!" Robin

"Absolutely fabulous production. Two amazing actresses." Diane

"Excellenthighly appreciated and recommended. Brilliant production, loved every second." James

"It was such a wonderful, awe-inspiring performance last night. Utterly captivating. Can’t stop thinking about it..." Laura

"See this show! Two outstanding performances and brilliant production too." Jane

"Fantastic performances from two exceptional actresses. Loved it. The lighting person ... deserves praise too." Joanna

"Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great performances." Gary

"Hewitt and Utting displayed a beautiful deftness of touch to their performances, which showed a different side to Bette and Joan as the actors shifted from comedy to emotional outpourings with such ease." Ray Tempesta, East Anglian Theatre Podcast [click here for full review]

"An entertaining look behind the curtain of the lost world of the pictures, brought to life by two dazzling performers." James Goffin, Cultivated [click here for full review]

"Saw this tonight and loved it! Two exceptional performances, book tickets if you can." Catherine

“Do see if you can. I wangled a sneak preview before leaving town. It's a great piece. Not only do you get inside the adjoining dressing rooms of these movie icons, you get inside the heads of these outwardly tough women who have survived everything that life and the Hollywood mincing machine have thrown at them. Oh, and two very good performances.” David

"Strong women in abundance - you were both so brilliant. Bravo, ladies..." Joanna

"A Must-See Gem of a Show! We were treated to the most captivating and engaging Opening Night performance last night given by the ridiculously talented Alison Utting and Julie Hewitt under the genius, empathetic Direction of Steven Scase. Within minutes it's as if Hollywood Prima Donnas Bette and Joan had morphed into Ms Utting and Ms Hewitt in much the same way as the ‘Ghost’ character Sam does in the séance scene with Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae the Psychic. No longer were we watching two of Norwich's finest actors give the performance of their lives in one of Norwich's finest and intimate little creative power houses. No Sir-ee...we were voyeurs in a Warner Bros back lot dressing room in 1962. And we were in on the conversation that was going on within between these two Silver Screen divas. It was sometimes funny, often uncomfortable, but also heartrending in a truths laid bare sort of way. As bare as Ms Davis's wig stand was, once the Baby Jane curls had been removed leaving the gruesome painted face, like a death mask, staring back at you. Cleverly this could well be symbolic of those two Hollywood Honies; uncovered to reveal that raw injustice, in that love-less and insane world, from the casting couch to the cast-offs (quite literally with Ms Crawford’s predilection for knitting). There was real tension and emotion here too at the end (no spoilers) and personally I would have been quite happy to watch an extra scene to see what happened next...and then what happened after that. Having been invited to share their dramas, rivalry, secrets and dilemmas had become fairly addictive viewing by now. Authentic to the last, there are no fuzzy edges here; Bette and Joan have fully morphed into Alison and Julie. And these two are the Real Deal. Go get some!" Samantha

"Really enjoyed and was intrigued by Bette and Joan at the Sewell Barn Theatre tonight. What a tour de force from Alison Utting and Julie Hewitt in this two hander. Absolutely fascinating - making me rush to Google to discover more!" Clare Williamson, Front of House Manager, Sewell Barn

"It was brilliant, and two exceptional performances." Aamer

Saturday 16 March 2024

Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears

Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears
by Karen Forbes | directed by Robert Little
14-16 March 2024 | matinée 16 March 2.30pm

Photography: Andrew Evans

Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears tells the story of four children, Gwen, Tommo, Roy and Queenie, growing up in Jersey when the island was occupied by enemy forces between 1940 and 1945. In this original and inventive play, we share their childhood fun and mischief when living under German rules and regulations, unaware of the dangers they faced ̶ and the many sacrifices their parents made to keep them safe.

Local author Karen Forbes based her play on verbatim childhood memories from survivors of that time, mostly now in their 90s, as collected by her friend Therese Tabb during lockdown. Proceeds from Therese’s book, Occupation Memories, benefitted the Red Cross, in recognition of the wartime food parcels they delivered to the Channel Islands when conditions there became increasingly desperate.

Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears was first performed (to full houses) at Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, during the island’s Liberation Week celebrations in June 2022. In addition to receiving rapturous local reviews, many similarities were then noted with the war in Ukraine that had started earlier that year. Given that background, it is particularly appropriate that ticket sales from this Sewell Barn production of the play ̶ formally its UK premiere ̶ will help to relieve wartime suffering through the Red Cross Ukraine Aid Appeal.


"I left feeling completely blown away. Nothing could have possibly prepared me for its brilliance both within its attention to nuance and detail, and for its thoughtful and carefully considered choices. I really cannot recommend this play enough. It's a joy and sorrow to watch. You'll be taken to places you didn't expect to go and you'll be torn apart to be put back together with a new appreciation of the times and world we live in now. A beautiful tribute to the lived experiences of real people with the fantastical element that brings you back to the warmest parts of childhood. It would be an absolute crime if this play disappeared, I really do hope it finds a new, more long- term home some time in the future. It was an absolute gift to be able to see this show." Megan O'Neill (UK Theatre Network (click here for full review)

"A serious point in history made very understandable - I wasn't really aware (of) the suffering of the channel islands. Brilliantly portrayed. I loved seeing those adults turn into kids!! Well done all of you." Vicky

"What a wonderful show at the Sewell Barn Theatre last night! Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears was great piece of ensemble theatre, energetically performed by six actors dramatising the experiences of children living through the German occupation of Jersey and based on eye witness accounts. The actors held our attention throughout with beautiful attention to detail in their characterisation and excellent timing." Clare Williamson - Front of House Manager

"An interesting spotlight on a less discussed aspect of history, and a reminder that these same threats are all too present." James Goffin - Cultivated (click here for full review)

Tickets, or by phone 0333 6663366.

Saturday 2 March 2024

Amy's View

Amy’s View
by David Hare
Directed by Pip Sessions
29 February-2 March, 6-9 March 7.30pm
Matinée 9 March 2.30pm

Book at, or by phone via 0333 6663366. Contains strong language and adult themes.

Amy’s View uses a mother-daughter relationship to explore love, loss and cultural clashes. The themes of marriage, fame, sacrifice, financial crises and betrayal are brought together to make the case for personal and artistic integrity, also for the importance of theatre itself.

Photography: Barry Parsons

“I first saw Amy's view 20 odd years ago as a student, and remember it as a deeply moving piece. I remembered correctly, and I advise anyone to bring tissues. This truly is a note perfect production with powerhouse performances. There is much humour and tragedy throughout, and the final scenes will continue to linger in the memory long afterwards. I don't want to say too much, but if you can get an entire audience to gasp in unison, then your job is done! I advise everyone to see this remarkable piece and pack the theatre out next week. Bravo to all.” Barnaby

"The reviews so far have been great and they are thoroughly deserved. Amy’s View is a moving and witty play examining relationships, most notably that of a mother and daughter. The intricate script is superbly handled by this talented cast and it is beautifully directed. You’ll laugh and you’ll gasp and (if you’re like me) you will cry." Alison

"Congrats to all involved in last night's engaging performance which I saw. A difficult play to pull off with its philosophical debates. Impressed with the very friendly colleagues staffing the theatre. Hope to come again soon." David

"Wonderful production, acting superb." Joanna

"A thought provoking poignant play. The acting was brilliant. So realistic. Set changes smooth and professional." Christine

"An enjoyable and thought provoking evening. Thanks to the whole cast and crew." John

"What a great Saturday night out. If you haven't been yet this is a great drama group. Been coming for so many years and still great. But last night's play Amy's View was outstanding, the cast was again outstanding especially H(ollie) Harrington playing Amy. Looking forward to many more productions. Thank you to all."

"A fantastic display of brilliant acting and direction." Jill Fuller, Chair - Sewell Barn

"Excellent and definitely thought-provoking. Congratulations to all involved." Shelagh

"Amy's View was an absorbing watch from start to finish as the audience was taken on a journey across twenty years in the life of one family with comedy and tragedy featuring in equal measure. At the same time as absorbing us in their personal lives, playwright David Hare also provides us with a stimulating discourse on theatre v TV  and the knock on effect of the Lloyds' crash of the 1980s. All this was beautifully handled by a stellar cast led by the sublime Mel Sessions. Congratulations to all involved." Clare Williamson - FOH Manager

"What really shines in this production though are the performances... and what doesn’t change is the power of theatre and great acting to entertain. If you have any doubts, go see this." James Goffin, Cultivated [click here for full review]

"Just seen Amy's View. Fabulous. Poignant, funny, emotional, thought provoking and all round fabulousness. A must see." Ayshea

" wasn't just big emotions that made their performances special - there was also a tender closeness between [Amy and Esme] in the first Act that's difficult to make believable on-stage, and they pulled it off superbly." Ray Tempesta, East Anglian Theatre Podcast [click here for full review]

"Direction by Pip Sessions is carefully crafted, with conflict being approached carefully and the layered nuances of financial trouble and the troubles of loved ones expressively explored." Charlie Bench, UK Theatre Norwich [click here for full review]

Friday 19 January 2024

Comic Potential

by Alan Ayckbourn / directed by Joe Flatt
18-20, 24-27 January 7.30pm, matinée 27 January 2.30pm

Tickets available online at £12 and £13 from TicketSource via, also by phone via 0333 6663366. Booking fees are included in the ticket prices. Includes strong language and adult themes. 

Is it humour that makes us human? Can you fall in love with a robot? Alan Ayckbourn asks those questions in his prescient – yet strangely retro – 53rd drama, Comic Potential. Part science fiction, part traditional romance, but mostly riotous farce, the play introduces us to robot actoids in a TV studio in the not-so-distant future. First performed in 1998, Comic Potential not only explores the implications of our relationship with technology, but also provides a “tremulously exquisite love story, a superb satire on television and other human follies, a wise and serious drama full of playfully tossed-off profundities about sundry aspects of life and art, and an irresistible evening in the theatre” (John Simon, New York magazine).

Photography: Barry Parsons

"I attended Comic Potential Friday 26th Jan. I had the pleasure of watching probably the best acting I've enjoyed for an age. I'm included London theatre productions where all the actors are named. I'm surprised that I'm unable to find who played the parts especially, as I've already said, the complete suspension of disbelief due to the remarkable cast. In-house actors? amateurs? Travelling band? no idea. However, great evening." Steve

"Really enjoyed this, excellent cast and performance." Ross

""Another Sewell Barn triumph". Tim 

"Went last night with friends and it was brilliant. Funny, insightful and extremely heartfelt. It was surprisingly deep and thought provoking as well. The whole cast had multiple roles and worked incredibly hard. Well done everyone, a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening." KatLou

"It's great. Highly recommended." Ian

"What a good show. Well done everyone. Intriguing premise, well performed and beautifully directed. Shout out to Harry Quirk for a fabulous performance among a strong cast." Marston

"Absolutely brilliant performances all round. Excellent evening." Jane

"Throughout the performance, [Hannah] Wood masterfully plays out this complex role, giving a well rounded performance that balances both her comedic skill and her dramatic acting chops, helping create a lead we could root for and connect to in this otherwise foreign setting. This is only complemented by her and Garvey’s strong chemistry as the two leads, bouncing off each other whilst their easy comedic physicality steers us through the story. There is something to be said for the physicality of all the cast members, as the strong blocking from director Joe Flatt is pulled off seamlessly creating a constantly moving, and always interesting, stage presence." Biff Pearson - UK Theatre Network [click here for full review]

"Enjoyed watching all of you perform this fab show last night. Congratulations." Diane

"Went to a hugely enjoyable show last night! Comic Potential was full of surprises - very funny, energetic and satisfying. An unusual play from Alan Ayckbourn brought to life by a great team of talented actors. Well done to director Joe Flatt and his team." Sewell Barn Theatre triumphs again! Clare Williamson [FOH Manager]

"...[in the second half] Hannah Wood as the amazing actoid Jacie Triplethree is really allowed to let rip. Jacie has been trained on dozens of TV bit parts and they come flooding out in inappropriate situations, or she simply lacks the context to know how to behave – captivated by a hotel reception bell or madly hopping around a clothes shop in a dress carrier, Wood is a delight to watch in these manic episodes. With Lewis Garvey as her straight-man and mentor, and further supporting performances by Beven and Jacob, Wood is the beating (android) heart of the piece, with especially strong delivery of a machine-gun selection of cliches on love... Good actors really do make all the difference, even if they’re playing robots." James Goffin - Cultivated [click here for full review]

Friday 24 November 2023


Immaculate | by Oliver Lansley | directed by Sabrina Poole

23-25 November & 29 November-2 December 2023

Photography: Sean Owen of Reflective Arts

How does the modern woman cope with immaculate conception?

The devil, the Angel Gabriel, and that weird kid from high school all knock on your door claiming parentage of your unborn child. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. But for Mia it’s just the start of her day. She’s young, free, single, hasn’t had sex in a year, and yet is very pregnant with possibly the next Messiah. Throw in a belligerent ex-boyfriend and a baby-fearing best friend with a guilty conscience, and you have a hilarious evening of revelations that has everyone questioning more than just their faith.


"Just been watching "Immaculate" at the Barn. OUTRAGEOUSLY funny. Great ensemble. OUTRAGEOUSLY blasphemous too, for those of a sensitive disposition. But that probably excludes my Facebook friends. I'm obviously destined for the "other place". In fact, this Lucifer puts up a very good case." David

"Absolutely brilliant… never stopped laughing from start to finish…excellent." Jamie

"A superb evening's entertainment, great script and performance with many laugh old loud moments - we hadn't laughed so much in ages. Congratulations to all involved!" Michael

"Bonkers play, often extremely funny, and some very impressive and accomplished performances!" Trevor

"It was absolutely brilliant. I loved it." Jane

"I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I've been a lot more liberal with using expletives since seeing it 🤣 Well done to the cast and crew!" Surya

"Terrific evening. Great players, left us smiling and laughing all night. Interesting underlying issues raised and aired. I really recommend the whole package.... Brilliant show. Really enjoyed an entertaining and thought provoking evening. Go." John

"Saw it Wednesday and absolutely loved it! Many congratulations to all involved." Shelagh

"Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance of Immaculate at the Sewell Barn Theatre. It’s a very funny, very irreverent play (prepare yourself if you’re easily offended 😉) Worth a watch if only for the excellent set Sabrina Poole 😜🤣 Ends Saturday so get your tickets now!!!" Alison

"...there's tons to enjoy about the show, especially when the performances are as good as this company produced between them." Ray Tempesta - East Anglian Theatre Podcast [click here for full review]

"This extremely irreverent take on the second coming is enormously enjoyable, both for its sharp script and some spot-on performances." James Goffin - Cultivated [click here for full review]

"Another excellent show at the Barn.  Strong performances in a tightly directed show.  Comedy, yes with some LOL moments, but listen carefully as some interesting points are made about religion and male/female roles." Jane