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Our final production of the 2017/18 season was a scurrilous, hilarious, joyful delight.

Here are some of the audience reactions.

"I had the most fabulous evening last night at Tomfoolery, Sewell Barn Theatre. It has to be one of the most slick amateur productions I've ever seen - every line milked and polished to the utmost. I didn't stop grinning all night. Thanks Malcolm Robinson for making sure I got there and to Cassie, Selwyn, Angela and everyone else for ultimate sublimity." Clare H

"What a hugely enjoyable evening - Tomfoolery! Well done to everyone for such a slick, energetic and totally excellent presentation of Tom Lehrer's wildly funny work! Is there some way you can put it on again, perhaps at Christmas, as a one-off? It should be given another airing!" Frances M

"Just been to see Tomfoolery at Sewell Barn Theatre... two words... Bloody Brilliant!! Cassie, could you please say thank you & well done to ALL cast & crew from me ple…