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These Shining Lives

Set in 1920s Illinois, Catherine Donohue is excited to get a job at Radium Dial. The task is simple enough - she and her colleagues are to paint watch dials using a radium compound which glows in the dark. When their hands begin to glow too and their health deteriorates, they articulate their concerns but are subsequently ignored, shamed and eventually dismissed. Taking the company to court, Catherine’s empowering and heart-breaking fight for her rights offers us a potent reminder of the need to protect workers from exploitation.

Our audiences were spellbound by this powerful and troubling story. Here are some of their comments.

"Rarely do I see a play which is intense, gentle, frightening and moving in equal measure! Rarely do I leave the theatre wanting to share that experience with the world. But such was my experience tonight at The Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich. These are real people - these were real happenings! This was These Shining Lives - a superb production with a tal…