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New season 2018-19

Full details will be posted on our website very soon, together with audition notes, but in the meantime, here is a brief precis of the 2018-19 season at the Sewell Barn.

11-20 October 2018
Handbagged by Moira Buffini
Dir: Clare Williamson

22 November-01 December 2018
Not About Heroes by Stephen MacDonald
Dir: Rob Tiffen

10-19 January 2019
These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich
Dir: Jess Hutchings

21 February-02 March 2019
Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn
Dir: Angela Rowe

28 March 2019-06 April 2019
Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
Dir: Chris Bealey

02-11 May 2019
The Children by Lucy Kirkwood
Dir: Peter Wood

06-15 June 2019
Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorca
Dir: Phillip Rowe

11-20 July 2019
Waiting in the Wings by Noel Coward
Dir: Cassie Tillett

In addition, we are delighted to host two special evenings 'for one night only':

25 October 2018
Broad Horizons Theatre Company presents
Rebellious Sisterhood - Votes for Women

9 March 2019
Paddle Fast presents
Music at the Barn

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Romeo and Juliet

As the director of this show, Carole Lovett, has said in our programme: "It has been estimated that at any moment of any day somewhere on our planet a performance of will be taking place. This popularity and the seeming familiarity that everyone has with the characters and the plot is a two-edged sword. On the one hand it evokes a very positive response from the general public, but on the other hand, how does any new interpretation keep the story fresh and new?"

Our production sets the iconic tragedy in the present day. Lord Capulet and Lady Montague are rival political candidates. The weapons are not swords but fists and knives. And (as Carole goes on to say), "The tragedy of the human existence is not dependant on historical context and we all have a lot to learn from Shakespeare's study of how precious and fragile are the younger members of our society and of how they should never be ignored or taken for granted. We should always listen and we should always care.…