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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

This hilarious show, based on a short story by Oscar Wilde and bearing all the hallmarks of his wit and characterisations, proved a great success.

"Here we see the iconic characters of intelligent butler and nice but dim Lord, brought to life, and in unusual close up for me as I was in the first row for a change... Using the ease of well known characters the audience are quick to engage with the action, in the comfort of thinking they know what to expect, amusement soon rippling around the theatre. But brilliant and very amusing surprises are waiting. The cast instantly produce really vivacious, strong characters that were so easy to warm to, you could feel the pleasure of the audience in every burst of laughter. With the cast working so well together creating realistic relationships both loving, and not. With a stunning set, and some excellent props and FX this is one to sit back and relish. So if you like classic comedy that is full of solid characters and explosive energy don…

Accolade: reviews

Accolade, by Emlyn Williams, has been the first show of the 2016/17 season, and we've been delighted to receive wonderful feedback. The comments below come from Facebook and Twitter, and you can also click on the photo at the end of this post to see messages on our foyer chalkboard from our audiences.

"Congratulations to Clare Williamson and her team for their production of Accolade at the Sewell Barn Theatre. It was a truly gripping play and beautifully interpreted in all aspects . I am glad I was able to get see it and thank you to the Sewell Barn for the opportunity." Clare H

"Well done to the cast and crew of Accolade at The Sewell Barn Theatre. An emotive and crackling performance dealing with issues as relevant today as when first written. A great opener to the new season - well done all." Angela R

"Great night at Accolade - fantastic show... Lots to talk about all the way home (is Will a bad man?!). Actors, set, lighting, costumes...all top notch. W…

The History Boys: reviews

The History Boys was a resounding success - both artistic and financial. The show was an almost total sell-out, and the feedback from our audiences on social media was wonderful.

Here are some reactions from Facebook:

"Outstanding performance last night by all the cast. A wonderful evening of entertainment, thank you." Kathryn W

"Top marks all round! Wonderful play about the quality of humanity and its transforming role in education. So many good things it's unfair to pick one name, but I have to say that David White as Hector, the teacher who all teenagers deserve, brings perfectly-judged sympathy, humour and understated wisdom to this key role. And the boys? They are a class of all the talents. Thank you Michelle Montague (director) for an evening to remember." David N

"Well done Michelle and all, a great production." Kirsten R

"I had very high hopes for the production of The History Boys at Sewell Barn this evening with Charlie Skinner and Dav…

Brimstone & Treacle: reviews

From the very first performance, we have been delighted with the positive feedback on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

"Sometimes the Sewell Barn offers up a production or a performance that is outstanding, even stellar. Personally, for me it has happened on two occasions: the chilling production of Festen, a couple of years ago, and Joe Wills Derbyshire as Caligula, last season, will always stand out in my memory, and last night I saw a production and performances that rank with those two.

Brimstone and Treacle, superbly directed by Jen Dewsbury, and featuring riveting performances by the cast, will long remain in my memory. Jonathan Massey was diabolically intense as Martin, and was admirably matched by the gentle, trusting, hopeful persona portrayed by Abbe Swain as Mrs Bates. These two commanded one's attention throughout the play. Sabrina Diane Poole performed the difficult role of the catatonic daughter with sympathy and intensity, and Stewart Thompson .showed us the…

The Burial at Thebes: reviews

The first night is over, and we're thrilled to have received several overwhelmingly positive responses already this morning. The show plays tonight (14 May) and tomorrow, and then resumes Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21. Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?

"I saw The Burial at Thebes tonight. It was a great production of a great play with a visceral translation by Seamus Heaney. Really good work by David Nicholas Green, his cast and creative team!"

"I want to pass on my praise for the burial at Thebes last night. The audience was scandalously small for such fine performances. Beautiful set and language. Very moving in places. Thanks to you all. I truly hope you get better audiences."

"Many congratulations on a stirring piece of theatre."

"This was one of the most amazing productions I have seen for a long time. It's so rare to get the opportunity to see a script such as this (Greek Tragedy) and then for it to be brought to life in…

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: some lovely reviews

The show opened on Thursday 31 March and has been greeted by several generous and highly appreciative reviews already.

From Facebook:

"Saw a wonderful play at the Sewell Barn last night. Great performances. I mean great! Well done Gilly, Mandy, Christopher and Matt. Make an effort to see it. Great achievement by Team Montague! (The) Beauty Queen of Leenane. See it!"

"Please go and see this. Easily one of my favourite things I have seen at the Sewell Barn."

"Fantastic show, wonderful set, brilliant acting... don't miss it, congratulations to all involved."

From messages:

[to the Director]: "You clever, clever girl. It is a wonderful production, great set, wonderful cast, and seamless direction. 

Gilly was exceptionally good. She has such a presence on stage. Conniving, fearful, malicious and totally believable. I loved her! 

Mandy gave such a heartfelt performance. I so wanted it to end happily for her, but knew in my heart that it wouldn't. Please…

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